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Personal Solutions At A Glance

Financial services to put your goals within reach

At Girard, we understand that no two clients have the same needs. That’s why we take a consultative approach to working with you. Whether you’re dreaming of launching a new business, saving for college tuition, or counting the days to retirement, we develop a detailed plan that’s unique to your financial situation. With confidence in your financial future, you’re free to meet the next stage of life head-on.


Financial Planning2

We go beyond traditional cash-flow-based planning to develop a realistic goal-based method that combines our deep knowledge with innovative technology. Learn more about financial planning.


Investment Management1,2,4

Our experienced team, institutional status, and proprietary research help you make sound investing decisions through both rewarding and challenging markets. Learn more about investment management.

Retirement Planning2,3

We help you leverage the best tools for retirement to let you maintain the lifestyle you envision. Learn more about retirement planning.

Legacy Planning1

Our legacy planning strategies work to leverage your wealth in positive ways, benefiting your family now and in future generations. Learn more about legacy planning.

Wealth Protection1,2,3

We help preserve your legacy by developing strategies that take into consideration your tax situation and manage the risk financial decisions could have on you and your beneficiaries. Learn more about wealth protection.

Charitable Planning

We partner with Univest Foundation, an independent, unaffiliated non-profit 501(c)3 organization with experience administering donor directed accounts, endowments, and charitable trusts that can help you preserve your legacy while making a positive contribution to society. Learn more about charitable planning.