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Yahoo! Finance: On the Move

Timothy Chubb, chief investment officer at Girard, appears on Yahoo! Finance “On the Move” to discuss why there have been flows into large cap ETFs recently. He says, “When you’re looking at being closer to the end of the cycle you may not want to have the full or overweight ownership of international equities like we’ve had for several years now and you could be seeing some paring back outside the U.S. to come domestic where the growth is much more stable.”
Watch the video here.
Yahoo! Finance “On the Move” features Timothy Chubb, chief investment officer at Girard, as part of a panel talking about the expectations ahead of the Federal Reserve releasing its latest monetary policy statement. He says, “I think a lot of market participants forget that although the Fed’s not going to be raising rates nearly as aggressively this year as they did last year the tightening of the balance sheet is still very real and has an impact on the economy.”
Watch the video here.
Timothy Chubb, chief investment officer at Girard, appears on Yahoo! Finance “On the Move” to discuss Bayer stock taking a big hit after being dealt a defeat in litigation. Chubb explains this wasn’t a company Girard felt comfortable with mainly because of these types of risks of the business. He says there are probably more to come, “This is going to be an area of focus as we become more cognisant of some of the chemicals that are used not just in this particular company but across the board.”

Watch the video here(Opens in a new Window).

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