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Three Questions to Ask Your Advisor During Market Volatility

In times of market volatility, it’s vital to stay the course and not panic. However, it’s understandable to feel a little uneasy during these times. Having a discussion can help shed light on the situation and alleviate worries...Read More
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Get in Financial Shape in 2019

Many people kickoff the New Year with resolutions such as improving their diet, exercising or reading more books. While these are all great goals, another important resolution to consider is to get into better financial shape in 2019!...Read More

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Investment Currents: Our Outlook For 2019

Girard’s Investment Committee, under the direction of Timothy Chubb, Chief Investment Officer, recently met to review and update key performance indicators in order to chart its strategy for the upcoming year...Read More
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Has Gen X Been Abandoned – Getting This Generation on Financial Track

There is no shortage of articles offering advice on how to pay down student loans or tackle rising healthcare expenses in retirement. However, Generation X (those born between 1965 and 1980) is often overlooked as it is sandwiched between boomers and millennials...Read More
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How to Ride the Market Volatility Wave

In recent months, investors have seen a rollercoaster of activity in the equity markets. Such volatility may be even harder to swallow after experiencing a banner year in 2017, but it’s critical, in a period of volatility, not to overreact...Read More