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Hold a Financial "State of the Union" with your Partner

When planning the future with your partner, finances should be a top priority. I suggest couples hold a financial “State of the Union” meeting...Read More
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Learn from the Ghosts of your Financial Past, Present and Future

Don’t let the ghosts of your financial past haunt your financial future. By taking initiative today to correct early mistakes, you can create a blueprint that can help lead to financial stability...Read More
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Retire Early? What You Need to Do Today

According to Gallup, the average retirement age in America is 66. But what about those individuals and couples who want to retire early...Read More
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Why Investors Shouldn't Just Rely on the Dow

While we don’t want to demonize the Dow, we caution investors to avoid fixating on this particularly popular index...Read More
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Why Millennials Shouldn't Worry About a Possible Recession 

The Great Recession in 2008 “conditioned” millennials to become cautious when it comes to investments and financial plans...Read More
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Building a Financial Plan for a Child with Special Needs

If you have a child with special needs, failing to plan for the future can have a drastic impact on your child's security down the road. Creating an estate plan with a qualified attorney and building a financial plan can help secure your child’s financial future...Read More

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How Does Social Security Fit Into Your Financial Plan?

Social Security is a complex topic. Commonly held assumptions about Social Security might not be applicable to your unique situation...Read More
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Three Things to Consider Before Selling a Stock

When market volatility hits, we often get questions from clients about selling a stock that may have taken a big hit. Investing can test our emotions, but reacting out of fear is not the answer...Read More