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Do You Know Where All Your Money Is?

When you think about where your money is located, what is the first thing that comes to mind? A bank checking account? An online savings account? An investment account? A workplace 401(k)? The motorcycle collection slowly growing...Read More

Investment Currents: Is Inflation Here to Stay?

Will the inflation the U.S. economy is currently experiencing be fleeting or here for years to come? Our Chief Investment Officer, Timothy Chubb, shares his insight on inflation, supply and...Watch the Video

Investment Currents: Federal Reserve's Monetary Policy Stance

What is the Fed’s timing to come off its current monetary policy stance? In this six-minute video, our Chief Investment Officer, Timothy Chubb, shares his insight on the Federal Open Market...Watch the Video

Investment Currents: U.S. Consumer Confidence

How is the U.S. consumer faring in a post-COVID economy? In this six-minute video, our Chief Investment Officer, Timothy Chubb, shares his insight on unemployment, personal income and retail...Watch the Video

Girard Investment Currents LIVE - July 2021

Timothy Chubb, Chief Investment Officer, and Chris Briscoe, VP and Wealth Advisor, review financial performance for the second quarter of 2021, provide market outlook and share insight on...Watch the Video

How Risk Tolerance Influences Your Financial Plan

This past year, market volatility prompted many investors to think about how much risk they’re willing to tolerate. An investor’s risk tolerance is how comfortable they are with potentially losing money in hopes of higher gains, depending on...Read More

Five Common Money Mistakes

Are common money mistakes harming your financial well-being? In this video, Kelly Welch, Vice President and Wealth Advisor, and Brian Hungarter, Wealth Advisor, discuss five common...Watch the Video

Should You Get Out of Debt Before Entering Retirement?

Many people headed towards retirement are faced with endless “Should I?” questions: Should I move to a warmer climate or stay closer to family? Should I take Social Security now or delay it a few years? Should I pick up a part-time job or...Read More
Screenshot of the golf video with Bill Van Sant and Brian Hungarter

Parallels Between Golf and Investing

Bill Van Sant, SVP and Managing Director, and Brian Hungarter, VP and Wealth Advisor, discuss the parallels between golf and investing. Check it out for advice to help get your wealth...Watch the Video
Screenshot of the April Investment Currents Video with Chris Briscoe and Timothy Chubb

Girard Investment Currents LIVE - April 2021

Timothy Chubb, Chief Investment Officer, reviews financial performance for the first quarter of 2021 and provides insight on the economic recovery, inflation and potential tax reform...Watch the Video

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Don't Try to Time the Market - Focus on Time in the Market

Some people see investing as a trip to the casino: they try to put money in and take it out at just the right times to reap huge returns at the ideal moment. However, investing isn’t a game of shorts — it’s about the long haul...Read More
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Should You Consider Using the Backdoor Roth IRA Strategy?

Should you consider converting traditional IRAs to Roth accounts? With individual tax rates at a low by historical standards and a pending reversion in 2026 to the higher rates that preceded the current tax law, it could be...Read More
Image of Chris Briscoe, VP and Wealth Advisor, and Timothy Chubb, Chief Investment Officer

VIDEO: Girard Investment Currents - March 2021

What’s been driving volatility in the market? In this video, Timothy Chubb, Chief Investment Officer, shares his insight on the economy, interest rates, the bond market and...Watch the Video
Couple reviewing their finances

The Benefits of a Revocable Living Trust

As you age, planning must be done for potential reductions in mental capacity. A general power of attorney naming a spouse or family member as agent is sometimes appropriate. However, when you have complex circumstances or no family members with...Read More
Image of Brian Hungarter, VP and Wealth Advisor, and Jordan Sowhangar, VP and Wealth Advisor.

VIDEO: Navigating Love and Money

Jordan Sowhangar, Wealth Advisor and Certified Financial PlannerTM, and Brian Hungarter, Wealth Advisor, share their advice for how to navigate discussing money with your loved ones so you can...Watch the Video
Married couple looking at financial plans

Adapting Your Financial Plan Ahead of Changing Policy

Many people are unsure how the incoming administration’s economic policy will impact them and are concerned about rising taxes. While Biden has committed to not raising taxes for individuals earning less than $400,000 per year, it may be a good idea to...Read More


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