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Election Impact on the Economy...It's Debatable

Every four years, the U.S. presidential election can have a major impact on policy, laws and foreign relations. But how do presidential elections affect the stock market? And how does that affect...Read More

Why Politics Should NOT Impact Your Investment Strategy

The 2020 election is swiftly approaching, and with it comes the political messaging. There will be creative communications throughout the campaigns, some of which will give us pause to...Read More

Girard Investment Currents Live - October 2020

Watch Tim Chubb, Chief Investment Officer, and Jim Jacobson, SVP and Wealth Advisor, of Girard Advisory Services, LLC as they...Watch the Video

Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset

Aside from the occasional sick day and vacation, you would never miss work for an extended period of time, right? Unfortunately, the reality is that more than one in four 20-year-olds will...Read More

VIDEO: Girard Investment Currents - September 2020

Timothy Chubb, Chief Investment Officer, and Jim Jacobson, SVP and Wealth Advisor, discuss the Federal Reserve's new guidance on inflation and it's impact on investors...Watch the Video

Don't Forget About the SECURE Act

Change is inevitable. We know this to be a fact of life, but no one expected the amount and severity of changes and events that have occurred in 2020 (COVID being the biggest). Despite the...Read More
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Saving for College in a Post-Pandemic World

For many students and their families across the country, the financial aspect of going to college has changed drastically over the last few months thanks to the impact of COVID-19...Read More

VIDEO: Girard Investment Currents - August 2020

Timothy Chubb, Chief Investment Officer, and Jim Jacobson, SVP and Wealth Advisor, review recent economic data and peek into the uptrend as we head into the fall months...Watch the Video

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Investment Currents: COVID's Impact on the Cybersecurity Industry

The world has been through dramatic changes since March 11 when the World Health Organization (WHO) held a virtual press conference and WHO director-general, Dr. Tedros...Read More
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Investment Currents: How COVID is Impacting Enterprise Technology

There are so many profound new technologies that have been introduced over the past few decades that it’s impossible to list them all. In many cases, these new technologies have...Read More
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Should the Upcoming Election Impact Your Investment Strategy?

Many of our clients have been voicing concerns about the upcoming election. The common question is if they should...Read More
Second quarter 2020 Investment Currents Live Video

Girard Investment Currents Live - July 2020

Hear from the new president of Girard, David Geibel. Learn more about...Watch the Video

VIDEO: Girard Investment Currents - July 2020

Timothy Chubb, Chief Investment Officer, and Jim Jacobson, SVP and Wealth Advisor, recap the first half of the year...Watch the Video

Investment Currents: Rebuilding U.S. Infrastructure

Over the past few months, COVID-19 has brought about unprecedented and abrupt change and challenges to many aspects of our lives. It has changed how we work, how we travel...Read More


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